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We understand that every individual is unique, with distinct fitness goals and preferences.

Personal Coaching

Our expert coaches guide you every step of the way, tailored workouts and strategies to suit your goals.

Group Fitness

Save money & get personalised coaching in a team environment, alongside up to 9 people.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to our most common questions.

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Assuming we have places available within our 300 limit, the easiest way to is to book in your personalised tour *here*. Signing up is a very simple 5 minutes process and you’re good to go.

You’re also welcome to email us at imbetteroff@invictus5.com.au

Yes, You sure can. In fact, supporting your journey is what we thrive on. If we can make your journey to being your best faster, easier with less injuries, less frustration and more momentum, we would be delighted to organise sessions with you. We have 3 great specialist coaches to choose from: INVICTUS5.com.au/personaltrainers

Our 24/7 Gym Membership is capped at 300 members. (We could easily fit 1500)

We have done this for 3 reasons:

1.  We like a smaller, home style gym, where you know everyone. This helps stop people from getting ‘lost as a number’ in the system. We are all more likely to achieve great results.

2. The Gym is never too full. The ‘Busy’ for us, is 20-30 people at any one time, and most workouts.  It may be just yourself, or 3 other people (So you need to be safe and sensible).

3. We expect a high calibre of person. The kind of person who leaves ego at the door, puts their weights away, changes the old toilet paper roll, someone who is happy to work in, and/ or spot you.

These 3 rules create both a safer environment, but also a more welcoming environment as people pursue their best health. #300strong

Yes, of course. We understand You may want time off for a holiday or business trip. As we are capped at 300 members, and like most gyms, we do charge you a discounted fee, to reserve your place. Please email through your 14 days notice of your departure date, and expected return date. Should you return early, just swipe your card and your membership will be reactivated.


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At INVICTUS 5 24 Hour Gym, we have 3 choices for your membership:

1. Basic Entry

No contracts, just 30 days notice to terminate. 

This gives you 24 hour access to our awesome gym in Coorparoo. You promise to respect the equipment & facility, we promise to keep 24/7 memberships at 300 or less. #300strong

2. Platinum Membership

13 week minimum agreement, then month to month after, with 30 days notice to terminate. Although we have created it as a 12 month Program, if not a life long support service. 

This was designed to meet those halfway between a D.I.Y (basic membership) and those needing 1 on 1 Coaching. 

3. Group Fitness

Complimentary 24/7 Gym Access
No contracts, just 30 days notice to terminate. 

Our Group Fitness is like no other. Its actually more like a 1 on 1 Personal Training session, but with 12 people (class size is capped) to keep it fun and challenging. 

We lift heavy for 30 minutes, we move fast for 10-15, then roll out and stretch for 5. 

We work hard and have fun. Our clients love it and get amazing results. 

The Gym is staffed from 6am to 9am and 430pm – 630pm Monday to Thursday. (No, don’t come in at 630pm. We leave on time) 

We are in and out of the gym all day to see clients and run classes. To give you our full attention and help you create the best package for your goals and needs, please book a tour *here* so we can give you the time you and your body deserve!

I’ll be the first to admit, the members on the floor, and our clients are our first priority. We aren’t a call centre with 100’s of people standing by for your call or email. We are a gym and group of Personal Trainers passionate about facilitating change. It can take us up to 7 business days to reply, as we don’t do emails every day.

Finding us on the socials can be quicker, or book in a tour here

To Terminate your membership simply email your 30 days notice, request to terminate to:


NB – for those who like to quit, and then restart, full admin fee and the new membership price will be offered. Sometimes pausing your membership is smarter.

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