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Make Your 

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INVICTUS 5  - n:


Latin for Unbreakable, and the 5 elements we need to train to be our best. 


Everyone knows Strength and Conditioning, but without Nutrition, Mobility and Mindset the best version of ourselves is still way out on the horizon - a horizon that is always moving away, until you apply all 5 elements

  • AIM 

    Our aim is neither perfection or average, rather the middle ground - the pursuit to Be better, Do better and Feel better.


    Invictus 5 strives to provide a welcoming environment for people from all walks of life where they can spend time investing in their health without the stigma of needing to be perfect.


    We believe our staff embodies our mission through different avenues that are integral part of success of Invictus 5 and its' members.

  • GOAL

    Our goal is to create a community where each staff and gym member know that they are not alone - that collectively we will create a wholistic approach to each individual's pursuit of health and fitness.

An incredible mateship environment with performance, result-focused education and support from a team of passionate allies working towards Invictus 5 being a leader within the industry. 

What is a Functional Gym?

Train your body for the activities in your daily life

A functional gym is a bit different when you walk through the door. 


Instead of having machines which focus on isolation movements that potentially creates injury from poor muscle imbalances, a functional gym is predominantly focused on the four major lifts, which are deadlifts, squats, bench press and seated rows with your chin up.


There's typically a lot of squat racks and deadlift platforms, and minimal machines because the focus is to train your body for your daily life activities, not just a aesthetic body shaping. 


An example of functional movement might be moving furniture around. Transferring a sleeping 9 year old from the car to their bed (typically 28-32kg), or evening being able to pick up your partner and carry them to another room. We believe this is much more useful than simply being able to deadlift 200kg (although thats also kinda cool).


Many people who have a membership at a 'mainstream' gym, (and actually use it regularly) will typically look fairly fit physically, but the machines they've used have built aesthetic outcomes, not functional strength. This often leads to muscle imbalances and injuries, further complicating everyday life rather than improving it as one likely intended. 

This is where our approach to Strength, Conditioning and Mobility - three of the (Invictus) 5 elements, really comes into play. 


What our members are saying

Love it! Don’t feel like just another number like you do with the big gyms and still has all the equipment you need. Added extra that Daniel goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and makes sure you know how everything works just in case. Safety is key and Daniel always reminds me about proper techniques to ensure I don’t injure myself. Thank you so much for all of your help so far so I can be the best version of myself!! 

Rhianon Young



Cannot recommend Invictus 5 highly enough. The industrial atmosphere makes you feel like you are there to get it done. And training with Daniel Lyttle will allow you to get plenty done in a short time frame. Backed up by his extensive nutritional knowledge as a results driven focus you can't fail under his guidance.

Matt Hannaford


Staff here are so great and accommodating, such a great gym. It’s not just a gym where you go to work out but you learn so much while you are there. Great environment, good support great gym to be part of.

Alisha Shattos


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Distinctively unique.
The 'colours' of the Unbreakable

Invictus 5 upholds community and accountability. We believe both are crucial for your transformation.


As part of the community, we offer our range of unique apparel to help you fully own your 5 Element experience.. Order yours today :) 

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