A Gym were you can be Yourself

While improving Yourself

Invictus 5


The Services that will take you from Now to WOW

  • Your Local 24 Hour Gym

  • With A Shit Tonne of Weights

  • Athletic Development

  • Weight Loss

  • Rehab (physical, not the Charlie Sheen kind)

  • Over 60's

With a 300 Membership cap, because we do Weights, not Waits,

We are now only taking 100  74 new Memberships. 

That's only 74 more People wanting to create an unbreakable body through our 5 elements coaching and services.


300 Strong is all about our community being a community. Working together for optimal results, maximum safety, and genuine mateship.


Email us now with your expression of interest, as we work to make our community immune, through improved Nutrition, Mindset and Exercise. 

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Be part of something better.

Invictus 5 upholds community and accountability. We believe that these two are crucial for your transformation.


As part of the community, we offer a simple yet one-of-kind shirts that will make you appreciate the journey you're taking.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions. 


Hope this helps ;-)

How Many Members do you have?

How do I sign up?

Can I pause my Membership?

Can I get Personal Training?

What are your staffed hours?

How do I Quit?

How long does it take to hear back?

How much is membership?

Have we missed something? 

Feel free to email us your questions at imbetteroff@INVICTUS5.com.au

Or find us on Facebook and Insta - like, follow and direct message us. 


What our members are saying

Love it! Don’t feel like just another number like you do with the big gyms and still has all the equipment you need. Added extra that Daniel goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and makes sure you know how everything works just in case. Safety is key and Daniel always reminds me about proper techniques to ensure I don’t injure myself. Thank you so much for all of your help so far so I can be the best version of myself!! 

Rhianon Young



Cannot recommend Invictus 5 highly enough. The industrial atmosphere makes you feel like you are there to get it done. And training with Daniel Lyttle will allow you to get plenty done in a short time frame. Backed up by his extensive nutritional knowledge as a results driven focus you can't fail under his guidance.

Matt Hannaford


Staff here are so great and accommodating, such a great gym. It’s not just a gym where you go to work out but you learn so much while you are there. Great environment, good support great gym to be part of.

Alisha Shattos




24 Hour Gym
26 Harries Rd, Coorparoo


We put the FUN in Functional. 

Invictus 5 is a 24 Hour Gym in Coorparoo offering a wholistic approach to improving your Health.
Thats why we often say we're not really offering 'a Gym', we're offering Physical and Life Transformation, using our optimised facilities as part of the 5 elements to create your results.


INVICTUS 5  - n:

Latin for Unbreakable, and the 5 elements we need to train to be our best. 


Everyone knows Strength and Conditioning, but without Nutrition, Mobility and Mindset the best

version of ourselves is still way out on the horizon, (a horizon that is always moving away, without all 5 elements). 


Join us as we embark on the pursuit of better. Every day we strive for a little better, not bowing to the ego, but the love for our selves we deserve. 

Perfection is a pursuit of disappointment, and average is, well f**k that. This is where everything in between happens


Our purpose is to provide a welcoming environment where you can spend time investing in your health. Because your 60 minute workout, should be the best hour of your day. #300strong 


- Daniel Lyttle, Founder.


We offer 24 Hour Gym Membership, Group Fitness Classes, 1 on 1 Personal Training, Small group training, weight loss, rehabilitation, programming, coaching and more. 

Find us on social media to see more about our Group Fitness Classes in Coorparoo, or get in touch about your Health and Fitness journey and what INVICTUS 5 can do for you. 


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